●●●About us●●●

Pom pom takoyaki was set up in 2011 by Hana and Tomo who are originally from Japan.

Hana has been living in the UK for over 20 years, working as an interior designer. She has worked on many restaurant design projects in the UK and observed food and restaurant trends. In her spare time she also always enjoyed cooking.

Tomo has gained experience in traditional Japanese cooking by attending cookery classes for over 6 years whilst in Japan. She moved to Paris to learn French cuisine at the Ritz Hotel for 3 years before she moved to London in 2009. She has always enjoyed learning different kinds of cooking, including Macrobiotics.

We both love takoyaki and whilst making different variations of takoyaki at home, we realised that Takoyaki is still fairly unknown in the UK, let alone variations of Takoyaki. We believe our lovely pom poms have the potential to become as accessible and popular as sushi has become in the last decade.

Photo by Luke Hayes