●●●How to order●●●

We are currently taking orders for private parties and weddings. Please book early for your Christmas events!


We can take orders for any occasions, whether it’s a private party, a wedding or a cooperate event. As a guide, 6 to 8 pom poms are suitable for one person as a meal and 3 to 5 pom poms are suitable for snack, canapé or starter.

For events and parties: We can supply freshly made pom poms to suit any occasions, or make fresh pom poms on site if a kitchen is available or we can set up a stall. Price would depend on the size of the party/event.

For instance, based on 3 pom poms per person;

Pre-made pom poms : From £6.00 per person

Cooked fresh on site, including setting up a stall :

From £10.00 per person for a party of 50 or less.

From £8.00 per person for a party of 50 or more.

All incl.vat

Excl. delivery (£20.00 within M25)




For restaurant, bar and catering business owners: Depending on the quantity and delivery location, we can supply freshly made pom poms. They can be served as cold snacks or can be re-heated in the oven.

Frozen pom poms: We can also supply a large quantity of frozen pom poms ( savoury only) which can be baked from frozen in the oven (160deg. 15 mins.) and served hot to be garnished by you. Frozen pom poms are sold in a bag of 30, per flavour.

Special sauces: Takoyaki sauce, teriyaki sauce and curried mayonnaise are available to order.

Delivery: You can pick up your order from either N16 or W5. Delivery to any London address can be arranged with additional delivery charge. Price depends on delivery location. Please contact us for details.