●●●What’s pom pom●●●

Pom pom is a new form of takoyaki which we have developed and named.

Takoyaki (octopus ball) is a golf ball sized savory pancake made of batter. Typically it has octopus, spring onions, pickled ginger and tenkasu (tenpura scraps). It is served with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise topped with dried seaweed and bonito flakes.

Traditional takoyaki

Our pom poms have different fillings and sauces. Unlike deep fried snacks such as chips or donuts, pom poms are healthy as they are grilled in a special pan using very little oil, just like traditional takoyaki. We only use natural ingredients and we don’t use any preservatives, MSG or flavourings.

They are cute, fun and very unique and we believe we are the only company currently offering this variety of takoyaki inspired food. Pom Poms originated here with us but we hope to see the name ‘Pom Pom’ to become as mainstream as ‘Sushi’!